About Us

UniteResearch is a internet speed testing company. We are researching and testing internet speeds all over the country in an effort to determine quality and consistency of internet service provider (ISP) offerings.

We arose out of the controversy of internet throttling and our team decided to begin research into how many people are affected and if throttling has continued.

Our team of highly skilled engineers has developed a safe and secure way to to determine speeds by having users like you participate in the program. ISPs can easily block commercial accounts, however it is much more difficult to block the customers you are serving and this is where you can help.

If you have more questions about the program please visit our FAQ page or if you'd like to participate please use our secure signup form.

Support & Service

Support specialists are available at support@unitereseach.com.

Customer service is available at cs@uniteresearch.com


Interested in joining the team? Email your resume to hr@uniteresearch.com

Thanks for supporting us and we look forward to hearing from you!