Known as often used in winter, the jackets won women’s heads and became indispensable items in the wardrobe, even at other times of the year.  With all this, the jacket began to adhere to all styles, unlike what was used before, since the little bags were considered parts for ladies for a long time. The use of this piece leaves the look more feminine and the various fabrics that are made today, allow to wear the hats on a summer day for example, falling into disuse the idea that only used cardigan in winter. Models with lighter fabrics are ideal for days with a higher temperature. If you love the little bags, but are afraid to wear them for fear that the look will be very much your own, check out the tips we have brought you and learn how to adhere to this fashion using your style and modernizing the look. Wool, crochet and other warmer fabrics are ideal for winter days, as well as leaving you warm, these jackets can be combined with various types of clothing and can be worn at any time. Traditional winter jacket models look great when paired with jeans . Do not forget to caprichar in makeup. And if you do not like the traditional cardigan models, today you already find numerous models that also protect from the cold. With modern, incremental and different cuts, you look beautiful and chic to face rainy days and low temperatures.

The winter is probably the season when more people dress well, perhaps to be able to put together a look consists of several parts and overlays without the intervention of the unbearable summer heat in our country. There are some women who do not know what to wear at this time of year. The piece that most causes doubt at the time of dressing is the traditional coat . It comes in various colors, models and materials. If you are chubby and want to disguise the extra fat, opt for the aviator model, but with smaller collars. Heavier and bulky coats are great for those who have a very wide hip, because they harmonize the proportions of the silhouette. If you want to look taller and leaner, a great tip is to wear a high waist skirt under an open shoulder-marked jacket.

Coats keep us warm every winter and this year will not be any different. Textures, colors, sizes vary to please everyone, but there are two ways to wear, much seen in fashion week in Paris and NY, which differ greatly from what we are accustomed to. Well it’s people, I hope you do not have many neurotransmitters for the cold on your shoulders because the wave now is to wear the jacket with the shoulders shows. This is a way to give continuity to the absolute success that was the looks with shoulders the show this summer.So that can make a lot of people confused, but not women. We women, always so contradictory , complex and paradoxical, we know that if we show the shoulders “póoode”, then hide them also “póoode”. If you want to invest in this styling trick put the cloak like a cloak over your shoulders.

They are beautiful, practical and super-warm. We talk, of course, of the coats of hair , one of the great trends this season and our best friends when the cold weather is felt. In addition to its obvious utility, synthetic coats are the ideal piece to give a striking look to a simpler coordinate. It can be in a normal sweater, jeans and a pair of tennis shoes that just add a fur coat to look like a true fashionista . Nowadays, it is possible to find them in almost all the colors and in the most varied models. That is, there is a fur coat for everyone. If you are still undecided whether you like it or not, or if you really do not know if you will be investing in one, enjoy a trip to the mall and try different ones.

With temperatures going down, we only have eyes for cozy pieces and thicker fabrics. And of course many of them are part of the main  trends of autumn-winter , dictating the colors and shapes as we face the colder days. Cashmere jackets, wool sweaters, warm overcoats, boots, and scarves are some of the items in which it is imperative to invest in the cold season. And, as is already customary, the stores are filled with clothes that appear immediately on our wish list, especially the fast fashion . Speaking of trends, if you have not paid attention to the autumn-winter parades do not worry. So that you do not stay out of what you are using, we show you in this article all the trends that will make it speak.